Productivity and flexibility shown by BF S.r.l. in more than 30 years of history, has shown great versatility and adapt to market demands, while keeping as a reference point in its production technology innovation and customer needs. 

In this spirit BF have been able successfully to enforce is technological solutions in the market of the winding machine for transformers, succeeding in time to constantly expand his offer.    

For our staff, motor and engineering heart completely “made in BF”, the solution to create a product with the customer for the customer, approach made possible through continuous research of the most sophisticated technologies ans systems more affective. 

Bf has always given great importance to the safety of its employees is that end users, in the process of research and design, taking as a reference the relationship between man and machine in the care of even the ergonomic details, and during all stages of production for give the same productivity, efficient and convenience.