Basic machine weight (approx.)
5500 kg
Mandrel rotation speed
max 200 rpm
Mandrel torque
max 700 Nm
Foil line speed
max 200 m/min
Outer diameter
max 1200 mm
Inner diameter
min/max 150/600 mm
Max Length
1600 mm
Type of welding process
Foil width
min/max 30/200 mm
Foil thickness
min/max 0.3/2.2 mm
Foil cross-section
min/max 9/440 sqmm
Max Number of foils
Ø outer supply coil
max 1200 mm
Ø inner supply coil
min/max 25/400 mm
Alignment accuracy between turns
+/- 0.3 mm
Number of insulating rolls
Insulating thickness
min/max 0.012/0.1mm
Ø outer supply coil
max 400 mm
Ø inner supply coil
76 mm